The Elks and Royal Purple

The Elks and Royal Purple have championed ISTAR since its inception in 1986. The Institute was established with the help of an initial five year grant from the Alberta Elks Foundation and an equipment grant from the Elks Purple Cross Fund. That generous support, which has continued to this day, has been crucial in assisting ISTAR to become established as a premiere stuttering treatment facility in Canada.

The Alberta Elks Foundation and Elks and Royal Purple Lodges of Alberta make vital contributions to ISTAR's programs and enable us to keep treatment costs as low as possible. Further, with the help of the Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children, the position of Elks Clinician and the Elks Therapy Room were established to provide assessment and stuttering therapy for children from across Canada. These remarkable contributions have enabled hundreds of people who stutter to receive treatment at ISTAR. And their hard work and generosity not only benefit those who stutter. In November of 2005, 61 students in the University of Alberta Speech-Language Pathology program received a scholarship from the Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children Scholarship Fund. This assistance supports future speech-language pathologists who may one day treat children who struggle to communicate.

The Elks and Royal Purple also play a pivotal role in ISTAR's TAB (Teasing and Bullying: Unacceptable Behaviour) program. TAB is a comprehensive bullying prevention program that was developed in 2000 by ISTAR staff. To help defray costs for the production and distribution of TAB kits, the Elks and Royal Purple designed an innovative plan to help move the project forward. Lodges generously donate the TAB programs, while lodge members single-handedly and voluntarily distribute the programs to schools who wish to implement this program. To date, over 2,000 programs have been distributed in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and most states in the USA.

The partnership that has evolved over the years between the Elks/Royal Purple and ISTAR has helped the institute to become a world leader in stuttering treatment. "Together we have built a centre of excellence in stuttering treatment and together we will be able to ensure its existence and vitality into the future. We are very proud of what our partnership has enabled us to accomplish and deeply grateful to every one of their hard working members," states past ISTAR Executive Director Deborah Kully.

To see more of what the Elks of Canada are doing to make a difference in their community, click here to see an informative video of both the scope and impact of their work.

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