Announcing the 2017 ISTAR Elks Scholarship Winners

Anna Tendera recipient of EB Elks Award 2017 with Anwar Haq and Torrey Loucks Anna Tendera receiving an ISTAR Elks Award from Executive Director Anwar Haq, pictured with Torrey Loucks.

We are pleased to announce the scholarship award recipients for the 2017-2018 Academic year.

Congratulations to Anna Tendera on receiving the Dr. Einer Boberg / Alberta Elks Foundation Memorial Graduate Award. This award is funded by the Alberta Elks Foundation in memory of the late Dr. Einer Boberg, the co-founder and first director of the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research (ISTAR), and reflects Dr. Boberg’s lifelong commitment to the advancement of clinical practice and the importance of its connection to research. 

Anna is originally from Russia, and currently living in Edmonton while pursuing her PhD and acting as Research Assistant to Dr. Torrey Loucks, Research Chair in Stuttering at the University of Alberta.

Congratulations to Elysia Saundry and Bethany Turner on receiving the Deborah Kully / Alberta Elks Foundation Scholarship. Funded by the Alberta Elks Foundation in honour of Deborah Kully, a co-founder and long-time Executive Director of the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research (ISTAR), the award reflects her deep commitment and dedication to the advancement of clinical practice.

Elysia is from Ontario, and Bethany is from Alberta and both held trainee positions at ISTAR in 2017 along with 8 other SLP student clinicians.

Elysia Saundry ISTAR Kully Elks recipient 2017      Bethany Hartman ISTAR Kully Elks recipient 2017