Communication Improvement Workshop November 2017

Rehabilitation Medicine's
Communication Improvement Program 
is offering the following workshop in Edmonton in November 2017:

Art of Conversation 

This workshop is designed for participants who wish to improve the ease and flow of conversation during one-on-one, small and large group gatherings.  
Participants will learn about important elements of conversation and practical strategies that can be used to begin, maintain and end conversations successfully.  
During the two day workshop, participants will be provided with individualized feedback from a certified speech-language pathologist.  This workshop is fort hose who wish to increase their comfort with participating in group discussions, holding conversations during formal or casual gatherings, and one-on-one conversations.

Dates & Time: Wednesday, November 15th  and 22nd 5:30 – 8:30 PM (2 evenings)

Space is limited. The cost is $475, and payment is due at the time of registration.

To register or ask questions, please fill out and return the attached form and contact us at or 780-492-2619.

Comparison of Art of Conversation workshop to one-on-one speech therapy:
  • The workshop is approximately 6 hours of therapy time. If this therapy was done individually, it would amount to $792 due to our hourly rate of $132. By taking the workshop, you are saving over $300, and this is the last workshop to be offered at 2017 prices.
  • The development of skills follows the same general format as during one-on-one speech therapy. 
  • You will be working in groups, with others working on the same skills so you get the added benefit of practice partners at key times.
  • There may be a wait time for one-on-one therapy due to our busy schedule, however the group workshop dates are already booked.


For any of these sessions:

If you have any questions, and to register please contact us at or 780-492-2619.

Anyone who is interested in attending our Communication Improvement Program (CIP) group sessions, can email  to be added to our early notification list for future workshop dates as they are released.